Early failover testing pays off

Early failover testing exposed a bug – and they stayed to make sure it got squashed…fame worthy!!


Massive website and infrastructure changes in one night

And without any downtime or disruptions. Awesome.

Apple releases Mavericks without warning, our team responds. FAMEously!

When Apple decided to release their new OS for free without any warning, our engineering team responded with awesomeness and deployed fixes so that our customers on Mac wouldn’t be impacted. You guys are so badass!


Double-Release FAME!

In honor of unlocking the “One is Never Enough” achievement for multiple teams releasing to production on the same night last Friday, Fame! muffins were scattered throughout the office this morning. Nice work, everyone!


Selflessness is FAMEliness!

Mike Jensen rose to the occasion to help the American Marketing Association with a tricky recording concatenation and edit project. Over the course of several days, Mike rescued the recording from a failed double-concatenation, executed a laundry list of edits over several rounds and even converted the recording to MP4 WHILE HE WAS ON PTO!

For his self-less approach to customer service and for the excellence in his execution, the Events Team is thrilled to award him these Fame Mini-Muffins!


Raising the bar on testing!

Will scored some Fame! Muffins today for creating some totally awesome testing documentation! Going out of your way to make it easier for others is definitely Fame! worthy…


Cover for us while we WWDC?

We sent a team to WWDC, and the folks over on Team 1 helped with covering things while they were away in San Fran!


Above & Beyond FAME

For Matt and Steve going way above and beyond with helping an production integration effort over the weekend!

Git some FAME!

Joel is a Git ninja around here, and he’s never too busy to help others learn how to use this amazing source control tool. Thus he was presented with Fame Cookies from Marina, one of our QA Engineers!


Team FAME!

Awesome effort here that needs to be called out…these teams collaborated and hit a home run with consolidated repos and a functioning regression environment!